Our 4x4 offroad experience in Somerset is one of the most challenging off road courses in the South West and is located right in the middle of this glorious county, conveniently within easy driving distances of Bristol, Taunton and Swindon

Your experience will last for around 2 hours in a shared vehicle where you will get around 30 minutes behind the wheel under the guidance of a fully qualified instructor. The rest of the time you will still be in the vehicle as a passenger - which is a hair raising thrill in its own rights.

This 4x4 experience day is designed to introduce you to the truly unbelievable abilities of these robust landrovers and you will be amazed at just how strong and robust they are.

A perfect off roading experience day in Somerset for anybody thinking about getting into 4x4 driving or somebody who just wants to have a thrilling off road driving day in the South West.



Extreme 4x4! Drive for 30 minutes plus a white knuckled passenger ride. Somerset

price £119.00

Further info:


One of the most challenging 4x4 offroad courses in the South West

Where can I do this experience?

Central Somerset

Is the experience suitable for me?

Minimum age 18. Full driving license required.

When is it available?

Most weekends through the year round.

What do I need to bring?

Flat soled shoes.

How long will it take?

Up to 2 hour experience - you will be driving for around 30 minutes each and be a passenger for the rest of the time. The total vehicle time will depend on how many other drivers are sharing your vehicle.

Will it depend on the weather?

The wetter the better

Can friends and family come to watch?


Are refreshments available?

On site cafe