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Adventure Days and Extreme Experiences

The need for adventure is one thing most of us share as a common desire. Extremewest are dedicated to providing amazing adventure days and adventure experiences throughout the South West with a wide variety of adventure gifts to choose from - whether it be a challenging morning spent military vehicle driving to an adventurous guided bike ride through the ever changing Cornish countryside.
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We have some great adventure days throughout South West England in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset.

As a nation we have an unrivaled spirit of adventure producing inspiring characters we all know and love - Sir Robin Knox Johnson, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Dame Ellen MacAurthur, Sir Chris Bonninton to name but a few. Each born with a burning ambition to push the boundaries of endurance to achieve personal satisfaction and to prove that things can be achieved - no matter what.

When Sir Francis Chichester returned from his epic solo circumnavigation on board Gipsy Moth IV the nation - nay, the world stopped and wondered at this truly remarkable feat of endurance. He captured the imagination of a whole generation and today his name is still spoken with awe and respect which he earned from a life time dedicated to adventure.

Adventure is the escape we all need from time to time. Some enjoy reading about the adventures of others and allow their imaginations to take them on a journey away from the bills and the cleaning and the 9 - 5 job.

Others seek adventure days in more physical manners and that is exactly where Extremewest enter the playing field.

Bringing to you the very best the South West has to offer, you will find adventure days and adventure experiences galore. From the extreme adrenaline adventures of skydiving, abseiling and coasteering to fun filled thrills like harness zorbing and zip wire experiences. We offer military themed games like paint balling and pulse ranger laser tag to test your agility and clay pigeon shooting experiences, a hugely fun and rewarding pastime - if not a little noisy!

So this is the place to find all those adventure days that will put sparks of fun into your life - sparks that should never be allowed to go out - so please come back again and again and be the adventurous spirit you know you are!
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