Ever glanced into the cockpit of your holiday jet and wondered what it would be like to fly it? Well now you (virtually) can - right here in Exeter, Devon!

Our superb Boeing 737 Flight Simulator Experience 60 minutes will give you a totally realistic feel of what it´s like to take the controls of a passenger airliner! Share this experience with a partner of friend.

You´ll find yourself sitting in the captains seat of our totally realistic Boeing 737-800 simulator. You´ll take full control with a highly experienced former jet pilot sitting next to you to help and advise you enjoy this most thrilling of experiences.

See the world unfold through the cockpit window as you start engines and taxi to your runway after clearing your flight with air traffic control. Now its time to go full throttle and race down the runway, incredible surround sounds projecting the roar of the massive engines as 70 tonnes of aircraft hurtle towards to take off speed.

As you leave the ground behind you its carriage up then straight into manoeuvres as you turn, bank and climb your aircraft around the skies. Learn about the horizontal horizon, airspeed and radar as you navigate your way to your destination ensuring the aircraft is flying to its optimum performance. The scenery is spectacular from the state-of-the-art simulator and everything is exactly how you would expect it to be if you were flying a real jet.

Spectators are welcome to sit with´ seating immediately behind the cockpit where they will have a great view of the flight.



Take full control in our realistic cockpit simulator. 60mins Exeter

price £149.00

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Fantastic 60 minute flight with you in full control. Realistic cockpit simulator.

Where can I do this experience?

Exeter, Devon

Is the experience suitable for me?

Min age 13 years. No wheelchair access to cockpit seating.

When is it available?

7 days a week throughout the year. Closed Christmas. Please note - weekends do get very busy and a couple of weeks notice is advised.

What do I need to bring?

Comfortable clothes and flat shoes.

How long will it take?

Flight time 60 minutes. Briefing time around 15 minutes.

Will it depend on the weather?

Any weather as experience is located indoors.

Can friends and family come to watch?

More than welcome.

Are refreshments available?