With a fully loaded shotgun pulled tight to your shoulder, the wafting smell of gunpowder in the air and the clay in your sights, you and a friend will learn the basics of shooting with a fully qualified instructor who will be with you exclusively for the whole time in this beautiful Cornish farmland location.
Patience and a good hand-eye coordination are what you need to bring to this experience - we will teach you the rest.
After your introduction and safety brief you will learn how to hold, open, check and load your shot gun before being taught the right breathing technique - inhale, hold and slowly exhale as you sight and shoot to avoid any sudden body movements.
Next you will be shown stance. As a start, novice shooters will have to hold the gun in a shooting position even before the clay takes flight. This is done by holding the weapon up to your eye level and letting its butt rest at your shoulder. And while you have the freedom to choose how you aim and shoot with your firearm, you will normally be advised to pull the trigger before the clays begin to descend.
The clays are sprung from a trap which, when you are ready, you call for by shouting ┬┤PULL┬┤! Up comes the clay, now sight just in front of the upwards trajectory and BLAST that clay out of the sky! Well done - time for the next one...
Just a quick note - the sport was formally known as Clay Pigeon Shooting but many people incorrectly thought real pigeons were used and became naturally quite upset. Nothing could be further from the truth as the targets used are little clay discs. Thus the sport is now know as Clay Target shooting.



Load, aim and blast those clays out of the sky great for couples/friends. nr Plymouth

price £199.00

Further info:


Exclusive tuition for two people for two hours. Unlimited Clays & Shots. Lovely Cornish setting.

Where can I do this experience?

Set in a private East Cornwall farmland location 30 minutes drive from Plymouth.

Is the experience suitable for me?

Over 16 years

When is it available?

All year round

What do I need to bring?

Warm clothes and boots

How long will it take?

2 hours

Will it depend on the weather?

Please contact supplier before travelling.

Can friends and family come to watch?


Are refreshments available?