Chocks Away Flying Experience Days

Ever since Icarus flew too close to the sun, we have had a burning desire to experience flight. Well here at Extremewest we have come on a step or two from wax and feathers and you will be delighted at the flying experiences we now offer. From an extended microlighting flight to the ultimate adrenaline buzz of freefall skydiving you will find an abundance of fantastic flight gift ideas that are not at sky high prices.

All Flying Experiences

Discover our full selection of fabulous flying experience days in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset, Gloucestershire and South Wales. Air experiences include skydiving and helicopter lessons to microlights, Tiger Moth bi-plane experiences, hot air balloon flights and gliding lessons. We even have a Boeing 737 Flight Simulator experience!

From £99.00

Microlight Flying

Microlight flying is about as close to real bird like flying as a human is ever likely to get! These nimble, lightweight aircraft are fully exposed to the elements and the unbelievable sense of freedom when you take to the skies is simply exhilarating! Your pilot might even give you the controls! Located in Devon and Somerset.

From £99.00

Glider Flying

Enjoy a majestic gliding flying experience in Devon. Soar the thermals and take controls as you silently whoosh and fly your glider over some of the South west most stunning scenery.

From £100.00

Flying Lessons

Ever thought of getting your own private pilots licence (PPL) or maybe you or somebody you know would just like to give flying a go? Our flying lessons in Devon and Dorset are just the ticket!

From £99.00

Vintage Aircraft

It´s chocks away with our magnificent flying machine experiences! Climb in to the cockpit of one of our iconic World War 2 era bi-planes and feel the surge of the engine and the wind in your hair as you trundle down the airfield ready for take off. You´ll even get to take the controls! Various flight durations available in Devon, Dorset and Gloucestershire!

From £200.00

Hot Air Ballooning

It´s up up and away with a totally incredible hot air balloon ride above the glorious South West Countryside. You will be fully involved in the preparation, the flight and the landing on these wonderful experience days. Choose from Devon, Dorset, Cornwall or Somerset.

From £155.00

Aerobatic Flying

Here you´ll find superb aerobatic flying experience days in South West England. Perfect stomach churning gift ideas...!

From £200.00

Helicopter Experiences

Take the controls of a helicopter with a real flying lesson in Devon or Dorset or simply sit back and enjoy the views as you take off on a private sightseeing charter along the World Heritage Jurassic Coast.

From £235.00