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Chocks Away Flying Experience Days

Ever since Icarus flew too close to the sun, we have had a burning desire to experience flight. Well here at Extremewest we have come on a step or two from wax and feathers and you will be delighted at the flying experiences we now offer. From an extended microlighting flight to the ultimate adrenaline buzz of freefall skydiving you will find an abundance of fantastic flight gift ideas that are not at sky high prices.
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We offer superb flying experience days throughout South West England in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, South Wales and Gloucestershire.

The power to experience flight has captivated man for millennia. Many have tried - and failed - to duplicate the graceful and seemingly effortless gift of flight bestowed upon the birds above. And yet as we look about us today at the advancements man has made in flying experiences it is hard to think that it was little over a century ago that the Wright Brothers flew the first sustained powered flight that changed how our experience of flying would be forever.

So with that said, let´s look at what Extremewest can offer you in the way of flight gifts. Well our most popular flight experience gift is micro-lighting. These highly manoeuvrable little contraptions are an absolute thrill to go up in and the ´outside´ feeling you get brings you as close to natural flight as man is ever likely to get.

Now helicopters on the other hand don´t actually fly - they ´bully´ the air out of the way and muscle in wherever they want to go. Our helicopter flying lessons in Devon and Dorset make amazing and very popular gifts, particularly as retirement gifts for some reason! On these experiences you actually fly the aircraft - not just sit there as a passenger looking at the views!

The Montgolfier brothers pioneered modern Hot Air Ballooning but you will probably find that our balloon experiences are a tad more comfortable nowadays - and you get a glass of bubbly to celebrate your flight after you land!

The list goes on - flying-lessons, vintage aircraft flight, gliding experiences - oh and not forgetting the stomach churning thrill of an aerobatic flight!

Whatever flight gifts you decide upon we are sure you will have an absolutely uplifting experience and one to treasure for the rest of your life.
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