Soaring high over the stunning North Devon countryside in the quiet confines of a glider is an experience quite unlike any other. The terrific little airfield which runs the glider club really couldn´t be more helpful and friendly, ensuring your glider flying experience in the South West is a totally memorable time.
After a full brief of the controls and safety information, your flight will commence with the glider tug aircraft moving into position. When the 150ft of tow rope becomes tight the tug aircraft accelerates on full power while volunteers frantically run alongside to keep the wings off the ground!
After a few seconds the glider lifts off to follow in station behind the tug as you slowly ascend to approximately 2000ft. During the first minutes on the climb you will see beneath you the rugged outline of Dartmoor to the South and the large undulating hills of Exmoor. As you continue your climb you see unfolding the expanse of Barnstaple and Bideford Bay and the estuary and, on a clear day Hartland Point, Saunton and even Lundy Island can be picked out. As you reach your altitude, your instructor will give the command to release. You will pull the handle and release from the glider from the tug aircraft and as it does so you watch it turn and dramatically spiral to your right.
The first thing you will notice is just how quiet and peaceful your gliding flight is. You will hardly be aware of your forward movement, indeed the speed is only 45knots (50mph). Only the light rush of air over the large perspex canopy is heard and the view is quite simply breathtaking!
Now it’s time to experience the controls. Your attention will be drawn to the horizon and where it appears in relation to the nose of the aircraft. You will feel the controls as you gently ease the nose up and down in pitch, and then by easing the stick left and right, how you bank and turn to change direction. You will then be able to fly the glider throughout the rest of the flight; all the way to touchdown, if you wish! The view on a clear sunny day can be spectacular and the exhilaration of a glider flight which you participated in flying throughout, lives long in the memory!



Enjoy the majestic world of glider flying over the stunning North Devon countryside. North Devon

price £145.00

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Witness the stunning Devon scenery from a glider. Participate in other peoples flights. You actually fly the glider.

Where can I do this experience?

Near Barnstaple, North Devon

Is the experience suitable for me?

No age limit on flights. Max Height 6' 4". Max weight 17 stone.

When is it available?

Most weekends & Bank Holidays during spring & summer ending late August.

What do I need to bring?

Flat shoes, a warm top and sunglasses.

How long will it take?

Flight lengths vary depending on thermals but typically around 15 to 20 minutes. Please note that on busy days you may have to wait but can still get involved by helping other flights take off.

Will it depend on the weather?

Requires a warm sunny day. You must contact the airfield between 8 - 9.30am on the flight day for details.

Can friends and family come to watch?

More than welcome and can get involved with the take off.

Are refreshments available?

Light refreshments sometimes available in the club house.