Pulse Ranger guns fire harmless infrared beams, which are picked up by sophisticated detectors on both the helmets and guns.  It´s like paintballing but with no goggles, no bruises and no mess!  On arrival you are kitted out with coveralls and your Pulse Ranger rifle and given a comprehensive safety/game briefing before being taken deep into the forest to begin your adventure.  You will be explained the objective of the game and then it is down to you and your team to outwit the opposition and win the game.  During your visit, you will play several different game scenario´s throughout the extensive woodland area.  Points are awarded to the winning team for each of the games played - can you out-point your opposition to win the day?  This experience is suitable for everyone of all ages and abilities and for groups of 1 to 200!



Pulse Ranger is a realistic and a mental challenge, hi-tech combat. nr Bristol

price £39.00

Further info:


Set cost - unlimited ammo, lightweight guns, red dot laser sight for easy aiming, adaptable system, authentic sound effects, great fun for all!

Where can I do this experience?

Near Bristol

Is the experience suitable for me?

Min age 7

When is it available?

All year round

What do I need to bring?

Old clothes and trainers

How long will it take?

2hours 30 mins on course

Will it depend on the weather?

Can friends and family come to watch?

Are refreshments available?

Food is not inculded in the price