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Your day will begin with a brief introduction into the sport, description of safety and techniques which you will learn throughout the day.  With the safety briefing out of the way it´s straight out onto the training stage!
Your morning will consist of hands on training with your instructor teaching you the basic technique.  Stepping it up a level on each run and your confidence building very quickly your instructor will be advising you as to the correct approach into corner´s, correct braking procedures and the most important ingredients which are surface awareness and throttle control.
Power sliding a car and keeping it within your control is a fine art but once mastered gives a great sense of achievement, this will be achieved. However, it´s almost guaranteed you´ll have one or two spins along the way!
You´ll now be driving a totally different stage, tight hairpin bends have now been added to the stage and your instructor will be pushing you to the best of your abilities encouraging you to use the handbrake turn.
Sliding the car from one corner to the next you´ll really get to feel the adrenaline pumping and with the competitive foundations now in place we´ll introduce a special test where you will be assessed on new found skills. Penalty points will be awarded for hit markers and spins etc.
The experience ends with a presentation of awards and a high speed ´white knuckle´ passenger ride in either the BMW or Celica - strap in for the ride of your life as you won´t believe just how fast rallying can be with a pro driver at the wheel!

• Classroom briefing covering safety and rally driving techniques
• Driving laps in both front and rear wheel drive rally cars
• Total of 10 laps of the specially designed, loose surface rally ´stage´
• ´Time Trial´ laps against the clock (in both FWD & RWD cars)
• High speed passenger lap
• Spectators welcome who can also join the fun by purchasing additional high speed passenger laps on the day in a Subaru WRX (£20 - subject to availability. CASH ONLY)
Benefits: Learn real rally skills. Drive a FWD and RWD cars. Excellent professional tuition, Optional 4WD Subaru Impreza thrill
Where can I do this experience? Wiltshire
Is the experience suitable for me? Driving licence needed
What do I need to bring? Flat shoes trainers advised
How long will it take? Half day
Can friends and family come to watch? Welcome refreshments available
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