The ultimate kids party! Using our pro recording studios for them to sing like superstars this is not just your ‘usual’ annual party… this is THE party that they will remember for a lifetime, and have their own CD to remember it by in many years to come!

Up to 8 participants (more can be added max 15) will get to choose songs from our extensive song library. We will send out backing tracks and lyrics in advance so they can decide on the vocal parts, and have a rehearsal before-hand to make sure that everyone knows the songs well.

2 hours is plenty of time to record one song with everyone singing a few lines individually and then all joining in for the choruses! Or sing as a big group if they prefer. If well rehearsed there should be time for a second song.

On the big day, we will have a rehearsal or two under the guidance of our expert producer/conductor before getting them into the studio to sing like superstars and record all the vocal parts together followed by individual lines until they are happy with their performances. Just like their favourite popstars do !

Bring your cameras, or you can choose to book a pro-photographer for your session (please check at the location you require).

Finally, we’ll mix their song(s), setting levels, adding effects and using the latest recording technology make them sound even more amazing!

We’ll make a cool CD for each participant to treasure forever.

Feel free to bring a cake and nibbles. We have an area where you can lay out food in all our studios.

This is superb fun, and an unforgettable, hassle-free party for your kids that they will talk about for ages and never forget! We have hosted thousands of kids recording party’s throughout the UK with amazing 5 star reviews so you’re in very capable hands.



Wow what a present! Perform in a real studio Southwest

  • 2 hours, 1-2 songs
  • Up to 8 participants (more can be added)
  • Backing tracks and lyrics sent in advance to practise to
  • Unique Popkids Party CD gift voucher
  • Set of cool party RSVP invites
  • Their very own sound producer / conductor! • CD for each participant in a stylish presentation wallet
  • Ages 7+
  • Special Offer

price £238.00

Further info:


How impressed will people be when you invite them to a real recording studio! The birthday child takes home a CD of the session

Where can I do this experience?

Southwest various

Is the experience suitable for me?

Maximum 15 children (8 included) - if they want to dress up this needs to be done prior to arriving.

When is it available?

All year round

What do I need to bring?

Excited children - Buffet food & drink

How long will it take?

2 hours

Will it depend on the weather?

Can friends and family come to watch?

Family welcome as spectators

Are refreshments available?

You will need to bring your own buffet food & drink if required (tables provided)