Have you ever wondered what the timeless and world-wide attraction with surfing is? Well now´s your chance to get to grips with the rather curious language as you get ´Amped´ (excited) about catching a ´Choka´ (great) wave. As you ´Charge´ (ride really well) down the ´Foamie´ (ideal white water waves for beginners) and hoping you don´t end up a ´Frube´ (you´ll have to work that one out yourself!)
Located on one of the glorious beaches of either Devon or Cornwall, after completing a health and safety form you´ll be provided with your wetsuit and board. We then progress into our purpose built giant sandpit where you will learn simple surfing techniques to increase your confidence. As your safety is paramount you will be given safety tips and shown internationally used rescue signals designed to enhance your day. This also provides valuable knowledge for future surfing.   A short walk to the beach, then into the sea to test your new found skills.



Introduction into the wonderful world of surfing, situated in Devon or Cornwall.. Various

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A brilliant introduction into this highly addictive sport. Learn to surf at one of Devon's most established and respected schools. Max 5:1 ratio student to instructor

Where can I do this experience?

You will be at any one of numerous beaches along the Devon or Cornwall coast depending on your choice of location and the days weather conditions.

Is the experience suitable for me?

11 years plus. You will join a small group of around 6 to 8 other people.

When is it available?

All year round but much more fun in summer

What do I need to bring?

Towel and your own wetsuit if you have one. However, wetsuits and all equipment are included

How long will it take?

9.30am to 4.30pm

Will it depend on the weather?

Only cancelled in extreme conditions. Always check with supplier before travelling.

Can friends and family come to watch?

Very welcome. In fact why not grab a voucher and join in?

Are refreshments available?