After your safety brief you will be securely strapped into the cockpit of this lovely old vintage aircraft, then it´s ´Chocks away old boy´ time for take off.
The noise of the propeller and the wind in your face as the Tiger Moth hurtles down the airfield is just so exhilarating. You could just imagine yourself as an Ace pilot, flying off into battle! Then it´s up up and away.
As you get to choose your own flight plan you may find yourself flying towards the Jurrasic coast or the Isle of Wight or inland to fly over your own home! Delight at the amazing agility of this incredible aircraft as your highly experienced instructor puts the plane through its paces. You´ll even get a chance to take the controls if you want and if you would like to enjoy some aerobatics in front of your family and friends back at the airfield - just ask the pilot!




Choose your own flight plan or even fly over your own house! N Devon

price £375.00

Further info:


Experience open cockpit flying over the beautiful Dorset coast & countryside. You take the controls. Try some Aerobatics.

Where can I do this experience?

Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire

Is the experience suitable for me?

Max weight 16 stone. Min age 14 years of age. No max age limit but must be able to enter and exit cockpit unaided. Must be able to understand and accept safety instructions. Will be required to sign form saying you feel physically and mentally OK on the day.

When is it available?

Weekends only - March to December (some airfields have longer flying seasons depending on weather)

What do I need to bring?

Warm clothes and flat shoes. A 'Biggles' flying jacket and helmet will be supplied

How long will it take?

40 minutes flying time but allow longer for registration and safety brief

Will it depend on the weather?

Weather dependent. Telephone supplier prior to travelling

Can friends and family come to watch?

Able to watch take off, landing and aerobatics

Are refreshments available?

Restaurant available at the airfield open for breakfast, lunch and cakes