For those interested in wine making we are delighted to offer this fascinating viticulture experience set in a beautiful Devonshire vineyard.

Upon arrival you will be met by the owner or one of the highly experienced staff and your day will begin with a guided tour lasting approximately one hour around the vineyard learning a vast amount about the varieties and care of the vines, harvesting processes and the various challenges involved in growing grapes in Devon. Then its off to the new winery where for the next hour your guide will talk you through the fascinating processes involved in making a variety of different wines including washing, pressing, fermenting, ageing and finally bottling.

This will be followed by the wine tasting part of the tour which, for some curious reason, is always one of the most enjoyed parts of the day! You will have the opportunity to taste five different wines where you will receive a generous helping of each, learning about bouquet, viscosity, colour and of course taste.

Then it´s off to the charming old cellar, a five minute drive away, where your experience concludes with a delightful ´Tapas´ lunch for two (supper if you take the evening tour) including breads, olive oil, pizza and a selection of either meats, cheeses, fish or pate - all served on rustic wooden platters. The atmosphere is superb in the cellar which is modelled on the classic French and Italian styles. Wine is available to purchase by the glass or the bottle which you can take away as gifts and souvenirs or enjoy with your lunch or supper. Live music is often part of the festivities in the cellar but can´t be guaranteed.

Whether you are a wine expert, a lover of wine or just enjoy being out and about in the beautiful Devon countryside you are assured of a very warm welcome and a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Children are very welcome if accompanied by adults and do not need to be included on the voucher although they will have to pay separately if they wish to have the Tapas lunch or supper.



Fantastic tour plus generous tasting session followed by Tapas lunch or dinner and £40 to spend on produce.

price £139.00

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